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The FLF Library Fund: Instilling a Love of Reading in Franschhoek’s Children

Every ticket bought at the Franschhoek Literary Festival contributes towards the FLF Library Fund, an initiative to encourage a culture of reading in the Franschhoek valley.

The FLF Library Fund has donated thousands of children’s books in libraries in Groendal, and in 2012 employed a full-time librarian to help set up and run three primary school libraries, with another on the way.

FLF Library Fund librarian Margie Cunnama says she believes their is a vast difference between “being able to read and wanting to read”, and says the Fund is playing a huge role of instilling a love of books in the children it serves.

“My mandate is to instill a love of books and reading in the children of our valley,” Cunnama says. “Jacquie Spiers and The Kusasa Project already do an amazing job of teaching them to read. I hope that from the library experience, with such solid support from the FLF, they are learning the joy of reading.

“I feel strongly that there is a big difference between being able to read and wanting to read. It is when a person loves reading that learning becomes easy and a pleasure. It is so rewarding to see the children rush eagerly into the library, listen and interact with enthusiasm to stories read aloud, and excitedly and conscientiously borrow and return library books.

“Thanks to our project the school libraries are now well stocked with books in both English and the children’s mother tongues, a privilege afforded to very few schoolchildren in South Africa. I honestly believe that this project will have a lifelong impact on the future of these lucky children.”

One of the main reasons for starting the FLF in 2007 was to encourage a culture of reading in the Franschhoek valley. This means that each seat you buy makes a contribution to the great cause of creating confident readers.

The FLF Library Fund:

  • has donated several thousand age- and language-appropriate new books to schools, creches, a container children’s library in Groendal and the village library
  • employed a qualified librarian in October 2012 who has upgraded and helps to run three primary school libraries, with a fourth soon to be established
  • helps to cover the cost of part-time library assistants
  • continues to donate new books to these and other school and local libraries

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